I am Milifilou, and I welcome you to explore my garden. As you will find, it is still rather bare, as I have yet to plant a lot of anything. For now, there is only this simple design, which I adapted from sadgrls layout maker to work with Jekyll.


As I take my media interests very intensly and dearly, I intend to start posting fanfiction recommendations as I come across them. I currently read a lot in the BNHA, Pokemon and Psychonauts fandoms. I also enjoy the usual suspects of Steven Universe, Danganronpa, JJBA and Homestuck, as well as Linked Universe and Detective Conan.

Future Shrine

I recently was hit with the inspiration to make a small shrine for my favorite audiobook series growing up: Marvi Hämmers Hörbuch zum Magazin! This german language series is seriously under documented, and I have never talked with anyone about it before. When it opens to the public, please check it out to learn about or reminice with me about this old series.

The long term project

When I first told people irl that I was making a website, my main goal was to foster not only a deeper interest in webdesign, but to in fact artificially start a special connection between myself and the topic of cat genetics. To accomplish this, I plan on creating a small webapplication following the lines of old flash games, that would allow you to realistically simulate a cat litter on the basis of their parents. I am still interested in making that goal a reality, even if I fear that I may be reaching further than I can grasp. Wish me luck in my endeavours, for I will need it, and see you soon!